Our Gallery Show

MICA  Graduate Studio Center
131 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD

Come by our pop up shop and buy some of our merchandise to support our efforts and help fund the painting of our mural.


Our Proposed Mural

A preview into our next project a more public manner to promote our goal to build a stronger connection among the African American and Latino community.

-Edgar Reyes


Our Contest Winner

In Collaboration with Jose A. Villarrubia Open Hearts proposed the following prompt to his class of junior illustration students at MICA.

Develop a t-shirt design that promotes a positive relationship among African American and Latino residents of East Baltimore. Your concept must be uplifting, positive, and yet edgy. Over all the design must be simple and easy to understand. The message should be uniting a community of distinct cultural ties.

- One color print
– No bigger than 12” x 16”- Suggested phrase  to incorporate:
“Black Love Brown Pride”
– Be inspired by North American and African indigenous art though make sure your deign has an urban twist.

Open Hearts participants judged the work created by the junior illustration students. The youth got to decide who the winner was of the contest and the recipient of a one hundred dollar gift card to the MICA college store.

The winner was Yul Espinosa.
Yul Espinosa



Cesar Chavez Day

Our first community workshop. During this event, we celebrated the unique strengths of the diversity found in East Baltimore. We invited community members join us in recognizing Cesar Chavez as an educator, activist, and civil rights leader. While Cesar Chavez Day is yet to be recognized as an official national holiday, we honored his great contributions in improving labor conditions and rights for immigrants and farm workers. During this celebration we showcased the art that the youth have created and encourage them to continue in their efforts to promote cross-cultural understanding. The youth also solicited feedback and suggestions on a design for a mural that will be painted on Madeira Street, on the side of the building CASA is located in. Peopled enjoyed some delicious food and traditional party games, viewed the art that the youth have been working on and participate in a screen-printing workshops led by the youth. Posters and t-shirts with the youth’s designs where also be available for sale. -Edgar Reyes

Art Market

We took the market by storm. Everybody was in love with the students work. The youth where so ecstatic to get such a positive response and to sale out of some of our merchandise. With the funds we have made we will be able to continue programing and further develop our ideas.

-Edgar Reyes




Learning to screen print

During this past semester I was taking an intro to screen printing class. Im glad I finally had the chance to learn how hand print work and to have the chance to incorporate it into my programing. It was perfecting time as I developed this new skill as the students had been asking me “why don’t we make t-shirts to promote our desire to connect the African American and Latino community”. The youth had so much fun screen printing and are excited to show of what they have created at MICA’s holiday art market.

-Edgar Reyes

Together we are stronger!

Its has been three months of building our understanding of each others cultural identity. The students have not only developed this trust and respect towards me, but are becoming more open to each others differences.  As stated by one of the participants “we should work together…as one..together we are stronger and we can make a change”.

-Edgar Reyes